8 KW Kohler Generator

This is a 8 KW Kohler Generator installed by Amp Champ

Power outage can be a nuisance if it’s just for a short while but can become a nightmare if it occurs for a longer period of time. Most of us depend on hydro for light, water (if you have your own well), fresh toast and coffee in the morning, washing, charging life saving devices, heating/cooling, home security, sump pump and everything else in between. In order to keep your home operational we suggest installing a generator.

However, buying a generator needs a bit of planning. When you call us inquiring about purchasing a generator, we will determine with you the perfect model and brand that would be the best fit for your needs.

Sizing :

The power load of appliances, plug- and light circuits you want connected will determine the size of generator you need to supply the power in case of a power outage. The heavier amperage the motors are drawing (e.g. furnace or air conditioning unit), the larger the size of generator you will need.

Portable or standby model:

10 KW Kohler Installs

One of Amp Champ’s 10 KW Kohler Installs

Options are available to use a portable generator to carry smaller loads with manual transfer systems, to standby units with completely automatic transfer from smaller loads to transfer of the whole house.

As this is very customizable, our electrician would ask you a few questions to determine what circuits are essential to you during a power outage. Together we can then figure out the size of the generator.

14 KW Kohler Generator Install

Amp Champ’s 14 KW Kohler Generator Install

Gasoline, diesel, propane or natural gas unit:

The size and location of your generator will dictate somewhat the fuel options. Using natural gas will only be available on a standby model. If you are already using it for your home appliances or heating, then this will be the easiest option for you.

Self starting or manual load transfer:

Do you want the generator to be self-starting?  A little scenario: You are away, there is a power outage and you have no back up for your sump pump. If you would have a standby generator with an automated transfer switch, the moment the hydro goes out, the generator would start on its own, allowing the sump pump to do its job.

Automatic Transfer Switch for Kohler

Automatic Transfer Switch for Kohler Generator

If you spent most of your time at home and a sump pump failure is not an issue at your current home location, then maybe you only need to look for a portable generator. These generally will only carry smaller electrical loads but could still be able to run your furnace and fridge/freezer. Of course this is again depending on the size of the portable unit you purchase.

If you like to purchase your own generator, you can call us beforehand to ask for some advice, so you will be well informed and are happy with your purchase.

Generator Install

If you have read the previous part, you surely can appreciate that there are a few thoughts that go into purchasing your generator. The same can be said about the installation. But we are right by your side! With our ongoing training coupled with our past experience, we feel very confident in helping you find the correct unit. Having installed quite a few units in the area, we promise you a seamless install.

We take care of the permits, disconnect/reconnect (if applicable), oncue set up, and of course warranty for our work, parts and your generator.


In order to ensure that your generator is always ready to run at peak performance during a power outage, generator manufactures recommend an annual inspection and maintenance.

Since we are an authorized Kohler dealer, our techs are trained to test your generator’s performance and will perform the annual 10 point inspection including the oil change. We replace the spark plugs, insert a new oil filter with fresh synthetic oil, add a new air filter were applicable and test the transfer switch for it’s proper operation. Being envonement friendly, we are responsible for the proper disposal of the old oil. Just call the office to arrange a ‘spa day’ for your generator. It will thank you…

Kohler Verses Generac:

Even though we can install Generac generators, we truly believe that Kohler generators are a better investment.  In our northern climate, ice storms cause environmental conditions that may ice up your carburetor, which in turn might prevent the generator engine to start. That is the time when you need it most.

Kohler generators have been proven to be more reliable. They have a built in “intelligent battery charging system” that continually maintains the battery to maximum charge.

Kohler generators will ‘communicate’ with you via email notices, informing you the soonest it turns on/off for it’s weekly exercise. You will also receive a notice if the power is out and the generator is running to power up your house. If there is any issue with your generator, an email notice will be sent to you . Most of our Kohler generator customers are set up that we, as the installer receive these email alerts also and are able to respond to any emergencies or dysfunctions of the generator. Since it is email based communication you can be away on vacation without having to worry about your sump pump, heating or power to your security system. Now how would that be?

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