Automated Lighting Controls

Technology has come a long way and we are ready to serve you; providing you with comfort and flexibility. Many devices can now be automated to connect to your cell phone, for instances light switches/dimmers, smoke alarms, thermostats…

Are your switches outdated? Is the house all lit up but the kids only play in one room, wasting your hydro dollars? Not sure if you turned the porch light off when you left the house in a rush?

Vice versa, is the house dark as you come home, causing you to stumble over the cat or a toy your toddler left in the path… Wouldn’t it be great if the lights turned on automatically as you entered the house or room?

Or how about having motion detecting light switches that turn off when nobody is in the room?

The Amp Champs to the rescue!

We install and program your switches/dimmers to remote control your lights via a user-friendly app on your cell phone or iPad.

Automated Lighting control, often referred to as smart lighting, is energy efficient, convenient and provides you with a higher resale value for your home.

Entertainment systems can also be included in the installation.

Not all systems/devices are compatible with each other but some electrical device brands can be mixed and matched.

To get control of your lighting concerns call our office at 705 446-3088.