Electrical Code and CSA standards Collingwood

Electrical Code and CSA standards are minimum standards.  We guarantee that all our wiring will be above the required minimum, meaning we will;

  1. Ensure that all possible measures have been taken to prevent damaging voltage drop by over sizing wires.
  2. Install devices professionally; using the side screws and not the back “push-in” connections to ensure long lasting connections.
  3. Install only quality proven name brand devices to prevent premature failure.
  4. We will only install copper wiring opposed to cheaper aluminum wire.

With these standards we are able to warranty our workmanship & materials for one year. We accept manufacturer warranty for up to five years.

Installing your equipment/devices according to Ontario Code will also minimize unnecessary future maintenance due to premature failure. Surely, this is saving you lots of money and valuable time in the end.

To find a more information on ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) and stay current on new regulations in regards to new electrical code rules visit https://www.esasafe.com/.