All electrical work done by Amp Champ Inc.

This is a vast area with highly varied possibilities. Lights are not only functional but can also add an atmosphere, theme and/or focal point to your home. There are a few things to think about when deciding on what fixtures to install.

  • How much light would you like/need for your room?
  • Will the light fixture hang or must be close to the ceiling? If it can hang, then how low?
  • Do you want to shine down (brighter but can be blinding) or up (less bright)?
  • Will you have more than one fixture?
  • What is the purpose of the light fixture? Is the light fixture to make a statement or to accompany the surrounding of your room/home?
  • How big is the space you want to light in comparison to the size of the fixture (proportion)?
  • Is the fixture or bulb dimmable if so desired?
  • Is it for indoor or a 3 season room, needing to withstand the elements?

After pondering those questions you might envision a picture of how you would like your fixture to look.

Now just a little overview:

LED Ribbon Light installed by Amp Champ


For quick lighting solutions to brighten up dark work stations like a kitchen counter, we can highly recommend the under cabinet lighting LED ribbon lights (120 LED’s/m) as they are super bright, very energy efficient.

LED Ribbon Lights can also be used as subtle, mood lighting or to highlight a specific feature in your home.

In the picture on the above Amp Champ installed LED Ribbon Lights on the floor and the ceiling to illuminate the wine cabinet.


And then there are pot lights. Though they are fantastic for low ceilings, be aware of installing them in uneven ceilings (older homes), as it might highlight every dip and roughness.

With super low hydro usage and high lumen output the new LED pot lights are worth replacing existing halogen pot lights.                                                                                                             The new LED pot lights can be installed in a variety of coloured trims and even with a difference in light colour (white to yellowish).  Because of the high heat halogen lights emit, the trim of an older pot light is usually discoloured from a crisp white to a yellowish tint. That won’t happen with your new LED pot lights as they run cool. Retrofit pot lights can be so slim; they can be mounted where no fixtures will structurally fit otherwise.

Here is a comparison: LED’s are 85% more energy efficient and run 50’000 hours versus 2’000 hours for halogen bulbs. LED’s provide more light – 57 lumen/watt for LED versa 16 lumen/watt for halogen, very little heat, and are healthier for environment (no glass, gas or filaments)

Glass Sphere Pendants over the dining room table with pot lights from above (all on dimmers) ensure the right atmosphere. The Pendant- & Track Lighting for the kitchen and LED Light Ribbon (not turned on) for above the counter ensure for enough task lighting yet keeping up the modern look of the house.

A hanging light fixture like a chandelier or pendant light requires either a higher ceiling or a spot where people won’t hit their heads.

Certain light fixtures shine upward, making it darker versus a downward trajectory, which could be blinding. Other light fixtures have covered light bulbs via a dome, dimming the brightness of the installed bulbs.

Hanging Sphere Fixture Install for one of Suze Clients




We are working locally with Suze from Suze Interiors & Home Staging. She comes with glowing reviews and a wealth of experience. If you are stuck on what light fixture to choose, she will be of great assistance to you. Following are 2 pictures of Amp Champ’s light Installations from one of Suze’s client.



The Internet is a source for finding truly beautiful fixtures. One word of caution though…Ensure that your fixture is CSA rated or else it is illegal (often due to safety infractions to the ESA standard) to be installed in your home. You might put yourself, your family, your house or even your neighbourhood at risk. at risk.


All Light fixtures in the pictures above have been installed by Amp Champ Inc.

We have lots of experience with installing a wide variety of light fixtures. We are more than happy to assist you with all of your lighting needs, including lighting located in cathedral ceiling. Using scaffolding will help us to reach these really high ceilings to install your fixtures.

Here is an interesting article to help you decide on the right light.