Main Service and Panel Upgrade

The electric panel in your house is the heart of your electrical system, regulating the power coming in and distributing it in circuits from there to your lights, appliances, furnace…

Each of the circuits are protected by breakers or fuses. Every time a breaker/fuse trips it possibly saves your home and your life!

Having non compliant installations, for instance too many outlets connected to one circuit or too many extension cords plugged into a single outlet box, can cause a circuit to overload and trip. If your breakers are too old or of poor manufacture quality (possibly FPE) the circuit can overheat, then arc and possibly start a fire.


Reasons for having to upgrade the electrical panel:

– Fuse panel

– Panel older than 20 years

– Panel brand is FPE or Commander, which are known in the industry to be hazardous

– Insufficient power for increased demand

– Difficulty purchasing a new code required breaker

– No space to connect another circuit into your electrical panel

– Water or other corrosive damage on your panel


In our technological advanced age there are many appliances and gadgets available to make your life easier. Having to add a circuit to accommodate the new purchase, for instance a hot tub, might pose a difficulty as the panel is already maxed out. Older panels were often at their limit the soonest as the house was all wired up. The only solution is to upgrade to a larger 100 or 200 amp panel.

When upgrading the panel it often requires a Full Service Upgrade; meaning replacing your meter base, the wire between the meter and panel, the wire between the utility including the meter and the grounding system.

At times your panel will also have to be relocated to be code compliant. For example: In older homes the fuse panel may be hidden in a kitchen cupboard. Or if it’s in a basement, there may be a water heater or a sump pump placed in front of the panel.  Electrical code requires 1 meter clearance in front of the panel for safe access and operation of breakers in case of emergency.


Our Services May Include: 

  • Service Upgrades
  • Meter Base Repairs
  • Meter Base Replacements
  • Service Mast Repairs
  • Replace Weather Head
  • New Grounding Systems
  • Whole House Surge Protection Devices
  • Install new service panel with “copper only” buss bars, not aluminum to prevent premature failure caused by corrosion due to interaction of dissimilar metals.
  • Label Household Circuits on Existing Panels
  • Sub Panels/Transfer Switch for Generator
  • Surge Protection


At Amp Champ we will only install highest quality panels and we will warranty parts and labor for three years. With every Service upgrade we add a complimentary – free to you – 3 year Safety and Savings Plan, where we will come once a year to check over your electrical system. We will open the panel and tighten all the screws, making sure all connections are tight and everything functions to it’s highest potential.

Here is a link for you to check out the safety of your electrical panel: