This is a very exciting time to create your dreams! Many thoughts go into the process yet it can be very stressful, even outright daunting. Lots of decisions need to be made and second guesses are on the rise. At Amp Champ we promise to be right by your side, assisting you with advice from our very knowledgeable technicians.

We have a very close working relationship with Madison Taylor Design, who employs a team of very skilled designers, ready to assist you in reinventing your home space to better suit and express your being.                       Being part of the local BNI chapter, we also work with other highly skilled tradesmen from this area. We would be more than happy to connect you with our network of professionals.

What to expect from us during your renovation:

Your renovations might be small; adding new fixtures or devices, changing the paint colour or the flooring. We are able to cut new devices into your finished drywall, connecting the wire to the panel. This can only happen if the structure (for instance no concrete walls) of your home allows us to make the necessary changes. If your home structure impedes work behind the drywall we will have to use surface conduit known as “WireMold” to secure the wiring in a safe and yet attractive installation.

 If you are moving walls, adding more living spaces or re-purposing the rooms, we work with you in two stages. First, we pull the wires, mounting device boxes (for plugs, lights…) and tie it into the panel.  Then an electrical inspector will inspect our work to ensure the electrical code has been followed and electrical hazards for your family have been addressed. Once the insulation, vapour barrier and the drywall has been installed we will return to finish all the devices; hang up your light fixtures, install the smoke alarms, appliances, thermostats and/or anything else outstanding.

Voila…the renovation is over!

Because our technicians are highly trained and continue their education to stay current, we are able to assist you with your custom designs to make your dream possible. We guarantee that all wiring is according to Ontario electrical code to keep you and your neighbours save.