Repair & Service Work





When your plug is sparking, or you turn on your kitchen lights but the living room lights up instead and the bathroom fan switch turns on the toaster oven, it is time to call the Amp Champ for the rescue! Joke aside, we Amp Champs pride ourselves in finding solutions that keep you and our community safe to provide you with comfort and peace of mind.    

This burnt off wire was the reason the furnace was not working anymore

                                         Just give us a call or use the Contact Us page. Email us to schedule a convenient time for you to address your electrical issues.

BURNT OUT PLUG – This often happens when a circuit is overloaded like plugging in a small electric heater.


For you safety and security our Amp Champ Electricians are background checked, tobacco and drug free and will not swear. With courtesy they will answer any questions and leave your home as neat as they found it. They will wear protective shoe covers and place floor protection on all work and traffic areas. They will be on time or else call you if there is any delay.


Our technicians will provide you with the price upfront; no surprises once the job is done.

If they fail to do any of the above, we will give you a three year Home Safety and Savings Plan Membership at no charge to you.