Smoke Detectors

It is the Law in Ontario to have a working smoke detector in every bedroom and on every storey of your home.

3 in 1 Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector with Strobe Light

3 in 1 Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector with Strobe Light

In all new homes or renovated spaces, the new electrical code requires smoke detectors to be hardwired with battery back-up. This is a safety measure to prevent failure, so that the device will work when it is most needed.

Our technicians will change the batteries and are able to determine expired units in need of replacement. They are also knowledgeable of the correct placement of new added devices.

New products on the market now offer a combination unit, which hosts a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector and a strobe light in one unit. It saves on space and wiring.

Another new product called the ‘nest’ smoke detectors, can be programmed to your cell phone to alarm you of issues in your home in regards to smoke and fire even when you are away from home.  This is a neat upgrade feature that adds to your peace of mind.

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