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AMP Champ services all your residential electrical needs. Located in Collingwood, we service households throughout the Georgian Triangle area.


Electrical code standards exist for a reason. They create standards for wire gauges to protect homeowners from electrical fires and to ensure the right voltage and amperage gets delivered to your appliances. This helps keep the appliances from prematurely burning out. AMP Champ complies with all electrical code standards: using the correct materials may cost you a little more, but the peace of mind you get is worth it.


Common home upgrades


  • replace all the aluminum electrical wire in your home

  • As a standard package we add surge protection devices to better protect the electronic circuits boards found in every modern household appliance.

  • install energy efficient baseboard heaters

  • install de-ice cables on your roof

  • upgrade your electrical panel, kitchen and bathroom plugs, replace light fixtures with energy saving LED lighting

  • electrical safety inspections...modern electronic appliances run better and longer if you deliver clean pure electricity to them. AMP Champ will audit your electrical system


Electrical Safety Home Inspection Service


  • if your home’s electrical wiring system is 10 years old or older, it should be inspected

  • if your home has a fuse panel, you might want to upgrade to a circuit breaker panel

  • in an older home there are a lot more electrical appliances today than it was originally set up for. An Electrical Safety Inspection protects the home owner and his family from electrical danger.

  • our Electrical Safety Inspection includes the inspection of the main service, the main panel, and all branches and circuits and outlets in order to find any electrical problems or hazards. We will bring any electrical problems or hazards that are found during the inspection to the attention of the home owner.

  • electricity is the most dangerous hazard within your home. Electricity makes our lives easy and comfortable. But as our reliance on electricity grows, so does the potential for electrical safety hazards.

  • electricity moves at record defying speed, does not make a sound, and is completely odourless. When electricity strikes, it cannot only destroy property and objects in its path - it can also severely disfigure, disable, or even kill a person.



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