A short power outage can be a nuisance, but when it lasts for hours, or even days, it can quickly become a much bigger problem. We all depend on electricity for light, cooking, washing, charging essential devices, heating and cooling, home security, sump pumps, and everything else in between. To keep these essentials running during an extended power outage, a generator is the best option to keep you safe and comfortable.

There are many factors that must be considered when purchasing an automatic standby generator. Our team has extensive experience in determining the best options to suit your needs based on the size of your home and your specific needs, your electrical service, and natural gas or propane supply.


The overall power consumption of the circuits and appliances you want powered during a hydro service disruption will determine the size of generator you need. The larger the electrical load is, the larger the generator needs to be to safely and reliably supply necessary power.

Whole Home Transfer vs Essential Load

Depending on your needs, we can provide options to transfer the entire electrical load of your home to a standby generator, or just the essential loads. Our electricians can guide you through the different options and provide detailed information on what would be best for you.

Fuel Sources:

There are several fuel options for your standby generator. Natural Gas or Propane are most common; however diesel is sometimes used on some models. We work closely with a licensed gas technician and local utilities to properly assess the fuel service at your home and ensure your new generator is sized appropriately.

Automatic Transfer Switch

A standby generator requires a transfer switch, which automatically detects a loss of power from the utility and transfers power to the generator. The transfer switch is equipped with sensing devices that detect constant, reliable voltage and will ensure safe and seamless power transition, usually within 30 seconds or less of a power outage.

The benefit of the automatic transfer switch (ATS) is that you do not need to do anything to trigger it. Whether you are away from your home for a long weekend or asleep in the middle of the night, the ATS keeps your home powered and running smoothly.

Automatic Transfer Switch for Kohler


Just like any other motors, your generator requires annual maintenance to ensure it is ready when you need it most. Once your generator is installed, we won’t forget about you! We perform annual maintenance service which includes changing the oil, filters, spark plugs and air filters, as well as testing the transfer switch and updating software to keep your generator in tip top shape. We all enjoy a day at the spa, so why not your generator!?

Kohler OnCue Plus:

One of the advantages that the Kohler generator and transfer switch system provides is access to Kohler OnCue. The OnCue system is in constant communication with your generator and provides real time feedback, so you will always know the status of your generator. The user-friendly app allows you to check on your home when you are away, and even start and stop the generator from your phone! In addition to receiving alerts and updates to your personal email, Amp Champ monitors each generator and will contact you if we see something that might require attention or servicing.

Kohler Vs. “The Other Guys”:

Even though Amp Champ can and has installed other models of generators, we truly believe that Kohler makes the most reliable machines on the market and are a better long-term investment for your home. 

Our cold northern climate can make it hard for some motors and machines to start in sub-zero temperatures, but the Kohler generator package has options for battery heaters, oil filter heaters, and carb heaters to ensure your generator will start the first time, every time. A trickle charge circuit keeps your generator’s battery constantly charged and ready to go.

Other generators do not have a communication system like the Kohler OnCue system, so you won’t know if your generator is running when it should, nor if it requires immediate service.

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