Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen is the heart of your home! It’s your space for food preparation and hosting family and friends. We, at Amp Champ are ready to fulfill your dreams. If you are planning a kitchen renovation, provide us with the layout, and we will ensure all the electrical installation will be done up to code or even exceed it. And all this will be finished in a timely manner!

Here are some of the promises we are making to you:

  • Light your workspace counters with modern, energy-efficient LED lighting
  • To improve the lighting aesthetics of your kitchen we recommend using pendant lights, pot lights, LED fixtures or track lighting. All fixtures can be LED and are installed with dimmers can to help create the working space or the ambiance you want to achieve. By switching to LED bulbs/fixtures, your lighting will improve and you reduce your energy consumption.
  • Watch your favourite cooking shows by having your TV in the kitchen and AMP CHAMP will make sure the wires are out of sight.
  • At your kitchen island and peninsula counter, we will install 20 amp plugs as per the electrical code guidelines.
  • All other kitchen plugs will be 20 amps each to avoid blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers.
  •  If your oven and your range are installed as two separate appliances we will install dedicated circuits for each appliance.
  • We’ll install the 20 amp dedicated circuit that your range hood and microwave combinations require.
  • Think safety: We use GFCI protection (GFI) for any plug that is within 1.5 meters of water.