Tamper Resistant Plugs

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO (May 8, 2023) — On average, Ontario emergency departments handle 177 cases of children with an electrical injury each year. Elementary school-aged children (5-14 years old) make up 31 percent of those visits.Electrical Safety Authority

The annual number of electrical injuries is truly concerning, but the good news is that many of these incidents can be avoided with some simple steps. One of the most important things is to make sure cords aren’t frayed, especially on handheld devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers. Keep extension or charging cords away from toddlers and pets.

Another preventative step is ensuring that all devices are securely fastened to the wall and have proper cover plates. Broken ones should be replaced immediately.

The other preventative is to install tamper-resistant receptacles. These receptacles have a barrier inside that stops objects from being inserted into the outlet. This is a lifesaver, especially if you have young children around. Our little ones are curious and love tiny openings where they can push something in. What if is a metal object?

You wonder how fast this can happen. Just watch the short video.

To check your home, inspect visually your receptacle for the shock barrier. If the outlet is in an awkward location and you can’t see it properly, you can usually feel the resistance when plugging a device into your outlet.

You can see the white barrier right where the prongs of your appliance get plugged in.

It’s worth noting that according to the Ontario electrical code, all new or replaced receptacles must be tamper-resistant. However, there are still some old stock items floating around, so it’s crucial to check the receptacle before installing it. If you can’t see the shock barrier you can usually feel the resistance when plugging a device into your outlet.

Take the time to inspect your home’s electrical outlet and devices. If your home still has those old-style receptacles without the safety barrier, we can’t stress enough the importance of replacing them as soon as possible. Let’s prioritize the safety of our youngest and most vulnerable family members!

shock barrier outlet

If you have questions about your receptacles or other devices, we are here for you. You can call us at 705-446-3088.

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